We love it when it our patients write reviews on social sites, send us e-mails or even letters in the mail. Here are a few nice things that patients have told us recently:

“I am in awe of the fabulous work that Dr. Font was able to accomplish along with the help of her fabulous assistants in the office. I could not give a more glowing and thankful review. They were there every step of the way from the moment I walked in the office, to surgery, and then finally revealing a SPECTACULAR smile that I honestly did not think was possible. Thank You! From the bottom of my heart, Jessica Hightower.”

“Wonderful Staff! They treat everyone like family and are also professional at the same time Recommend to anyone that needs braces or Invisalign!”

“I just moved to Texas and already have braces on. Dr. VandeBerg just jumped right in and got to work on me. He is super knowledgeable and very willing to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. He takes time with you during each appointment to talk and address concerns/questions and that is always a comfort to me. The office and staff are very friendly and make you feel right at home when you are there. They are willing to work with you financially so that braces are affordable for everyone. They are very thorough with everything they do from their reminder calls to their check-in to their actual services. Thank you Dr. V and office for making my experience there so awesome and for treating me like family! I look forward to the next year of service together!!”

“Everyone one in your office is great! My son loves picking on y;all about the different basketball teams he likes. LOL”

“Dr. Vandeberg and the entire staff have been really great. My husband Matthew Wallesch wasn’t too excited about getting braces. But Dr. V and the staff have made it a very pleasant experience for him. He is feeling more and more confident with the way his smile will look once its all said and done. Thank you all so much.”

“Dr. Vandeberg and his entire staff have made our experience an extremely pleasant one. We have had 2 adults and one teen go through Dr. Vandeberg's practice and will soon have another one in need! The team exudes a compassionate and caring attitude with every patient, and I recommend all of our friends and family to them. They are awesome!”

“Because of the awesome service Dr. Vandeberg and his staff provided, I decided to take another one of my daughters for braces. The service they provide is nothing less than excellent! There is no doubt, they’re the best orthodontic staff in town.”

“One of my daughters recently got her braces off. I could not have asked for a better orthodontist and staff. It was recommended by our dentist that she see an endodontist for a previous injury to her front tooth before proceeding with braces. However, after our consultation with Dr. Vandeberg and some research on his part, he was pretty confident and we proceeded with the braces. Two years later, my daughter has the most beautiful straight teeth and perfect smile. We are very thankful to Dr. Vandeberg and his staff, and we would definitely recommend them!”

“My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Vandeberg for a year and a half now and I am nothing but pleased with the results. The staff is always professional and friendly. I also love the fact that we are always in and out very quickly. We have never waited more than 5 minutes! I highly recommend Dr. Vandeberg for your Orthodontic needs.

"Son went for first visit today and left wearing braces!!! Awesome, fast and affordable and so friendly!!! Will be highly recommending!!!”

“Since meeting Dr.VandeBerg and his team I have been put at ease with the dental issues my daughter has. I know now that everything is fixable and with time and patience. A little work goes a long way. I am very grateful for what is being done and what is yet to come from this office! Very professional and fun experience would recommend to everyone!”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. VandeBerg after my daughter’s dentist informed me that she would be needing braces because of some crowding issues. I first made an appointment for a consult with a well known clinic down the street :). After meeting with the dentist a recommendation was made to treat my daughter in two phases the first phase would start immediately costing me several thousands dollars and her 2 years of braces beginning at age 8 and at age 10 a second phase costing me several more thousand dollars in treatment and another 2 years of braces. Needless to say they were pressuring me to schedule her treatment but something told me to think it over and discuss this further with my husband. As I was driving by, I noticed a brand new office and decided to schedule a consult. I met with Dr. Vandeburg after he examined my daughter and asked me why the hurry for braces as suggested by the other orthodontist office. I told him, I was in no hurry for treatment, just was following the doctor's recommendations. He suggested we wait a year, re-examine and see where she was at that point. He explained that some of the overcrowding issues would take care of itself. I was so impressed with his honesty and told him that we would be back. That was roughly 5 years ago, my daughter is almost finish with her 2 year treatment and her sister is at the beginning of her treatment. I’ve seen how the office has expanded over the years and how his practice has grown from the small office I walked into several years ago. It is a true testament to the dedication, skill and blessings he has received. Needless to say, I would highly recommend him!”

“Dr. V and all the staff are all amazing, I recommend you guys all the time! Wish my daughter still needed braces so we can see you all again! :-)”

“Dr. VandeBerg is a one of a kind orthodontist who cares about his patients. If you’re looking for straight teeth with an amazing experience I suggest you check him out

Both Dr. VandeBurg and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire staff is always in great mood and it help keep my son at ease during his visits. I would highly recommend Dr. VandeBurg to everyone!”

“I would absolutely recommend Dr. Vandeberg because of his great personality and his awesome help. His nurses are always in a good mood which makes it fun to show up. As Dr. Vandeberg sees you he always makes sure you are ok as well as the ladies helping him. I especially love the payment plans they offer. Thanks for all you do Dr. I am so happy to finally get my teeth straight ”

“Dr. VandeBerg is an awesome orthodontist with an equally awesome staff!”

“My niece enjoys going to Vandeburg Orthodontics! She is always happy to smile and show off her new colors! She is treated well and can’t wait for her transformation!! Definitely would recommend Vandeburg!”

“We have been a patient since August. We now travel from out of town and continue to see Dr. Vandeberg. His staff is always kind and always have smile on their face! We have been very satisfied and would recommend him always! My daughter is his patient as well many of her friends.”

“If you need to get braces, this is the place to come. Affordable, and great staff. Especially Dr. VandeBerg himself!”

“thank you Vandeberg and your awesome staff for warm welcome every single time ,as a mother it feels really Good to see my son ~> SMILE =) every time we come out of a visit, to watch his self~esteem go up, as opposed to before he had braces, it would crush my heart for him not to have the confidence he has now. You guys do change lives… Keep up the heartfelt work!!”

“Dr. VandeBerg and his staff are caring and down to earth. They are very professional group of individuals that take the most care in their work very seriously, they make you fill welcomed as if you were one of their own family members. Dr. VandeBerg and his staff are swift and precise with their work they never leave you waiting. I am glad to be one of Dr. VandeBerg's patients, I would gladly recommend VandeBerg Orthodontics to any friend and family member.”

“Dr. VandeBerg and his staff are by far the most competent and professional group that I have had the pleasure of working with. This is a team of gentle hands and kind smiles. I will be using Dr. VandeBerg and his team once my children are of age for their orthodontic treatment. This is truly a gem of a team! I wanted to thank you for your continued outstanding service.”

“My daughter got her braces on today. Everyone was very friendly. I am very pleased!”

“Both of my kids received treatment by Dr. V at the same time. It didn’t concern my son too much but my daughter was a junior in high school at the time. She was concerned with how her senior pictures were going to look since it would take 2 years to finish her treatment. Dr. V was so wonderful with her and took the time to remove her brackets to get her pictures done. Needless to say, I had a happy teenager and a grateful mother. It has been over 2 years since the final treatment but I still to this day recommends Dr. V to friends, family and co-workers. Great doctor, wonderful staff and superb service.”

“This office is a parent's wish come true!! The office staff and doctor genuinely care about each patient, keep parents well informed, but best of all we NEVER have to wait. Appointment times are always on time. Our son, Ethan Trejo, rarely has to miss class, and I usually can make an appointment during my lunch hour. We love the office!! Worth every penny!!”

“Dr. Vandeberg is a great orthodontist! I have a sensitive mouth and he is the most gentle dentist I have ever had! He also has the personality to go with, a very nice and caring person. I went to him for Invisalign, and I am very happy with my smile. He has great payment options, although I also have dental insurance.”

"This is a great orthodontist. The nurses and the doctor are extremely nice, and I always leave with a smile on my face. I recommend this to anyone who needs braces. He also has convenient locations. I would recommend him to everyone! Very happy patient!”

“Dr. VandeBerg has done a great job with my daughter, Jaylan. She loves going to see him and she continues to look forward to having an even more beautiful smile! Dr. VandeBerg has also been very gracious to the students of Jourdanton Elementary and we really appreciate him!”

“I have one child in braces now when we first saw Dr. V he gave us his thoughts on what he was going to do and how long it was going to be. Well, let's just say he definitely knows what he is doing cause now Cecil is going to be out of his braces 6-8 months early. They get you in ASAP when there is a problem the staff is AMAZING they work with all your needs. He will be doing my other son within the next year to two years... Dr. V has us as clients!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING”

“When my permanent retainer broke, Dr. VandeBerg saw me right away and took both the top and bottom wires out. He made me clear retainers to wear at night and I do wear them! Dr. VandeBerg is very professional, courteous, up to date with modern technology, and the services are reasonably priced. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great orthodontist!”

“The staff is very professional. They are always so fast and prompt taking the clients back, and they are lovely and so well manner that I would recommend all my friends and family to Dr. VandeBerg Orthodontics!!! Great staff!!”

“I went last year to Dr. Vandeberg for a second opinion for my daughter and her orthodontic treatments and was very impressed with his work. My daughter is not thrilled about dentists due to a lot of anxiety and pain she went through with another dentist. She in turn had her braces removed temporarily and we will definitely be going back. I'm very pleased with the staff and Dr. Vandeberg himself. Keep up the good work!!”

“I would highly recommend Vandeberg Orthodontics. We have only been in twice and are so glad we picked a winner!”

“My family and I highly recommend this office for braces!! We searched for a good orthodontist for a while until our great neighbors, the Fairchild family referred us to this office. Our neighbors were so very happy with the services they received! My 12-year-old son has had a wonderful experience here, and my 9-year-old daughter is next! Thank you to the wonderful staff and to Dr. Vandeberg for your great service!! I will continue to highly recommend this office to anyone in need of braces! God Bless!!”

“If your child needs braces, this is the place! Awesome doctor and super staff. My daughter enjoys going for her visits. Invisalign is definitely the way to go.”

“I went to Dr. VandeBurg close to when he first started coming to Pleasanton. I had horrible teeth! I had gone to a different orthodontist before him to see what their opinion on my teeth were and they tried telling me I had to pull all sorts of teeth out for them to get started! But when I went to Dr. VandeBurg he figured out the best way to go about fixing my teeth, which included not having to pull out so many teeth! He truly was an amazing orthodontist! He did not let me get my braces off until he knew my teeth were perfect! And they are perfect now! I would most definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. VandeBurg for giving me the smile I always wanted! :)”

“The service is awesome very friendly. Just had daughters braces put on at office in Pleasanton very fast and had a great experience. Thanks Vandeberg Orthodontics highly recommended.”

“You will never be disappointed in Dr. VanderBerg and his staff, every appointment runs on time, they make sure you are so comfortable and they all have the friendliest Texas Smiles!!!”

“What I enjoyed most about Dr. VandeBurg and his staff, was their patience. My son was 8 at the time, has special needs and he was all about questions. Dr. Vandeburg cheerfully answered all his concerns every time we went in. His staff was always kind and courteous to us and to everyone who walked in. We both look forward to going back in a couple of years to complete his treatment. My son is actually anxious to straighten his bottom teeth already!”

“We love Dr. VandeBurg and would recommend him and his office to anyone. My daughter just loves going to see them and he does awesome work :)”

“I absolutely have loved taking my son. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My son just recently got his braces off and his teeth look so wonderful. Thanks for the great service and the outcome was beautiful. Dr. VandeBerg is a wonderful orthodontist and he is so caring.”

“There are not enough nice words available to fully describe this awesome facility- the staff, the doctor, the low wait time, the results- all truly amazing :-D”

“My son had the need to go only once for a space assessment. The staff were fantastically friendly. Having a dental chair in his office with no utensils around made my son more comfortable. Also, hands down the prettiest staff in the whole of San Antonio.”

“Today was my first time in your office with my daughter. First impressions are very important for me, and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the smiles in your office, friendly staff, and helpful billing assistant who helped me fax over some paperwork to the Flexible Spending office. Thanks for all you do, my daughter loves the results she has seen in the short 6 weeks she has had her braces on! I will definitely recommend your office to my friends!”